Thursday, August 10

Heyyys, peeps! Stayed at home the whole day today!! Got a lot of work done... Anyway I still gotta do the irritating IH assignment! I seriously dunno how to do it! I haven't even got the points yet! I mean, i noe how to summarize it into an article for a certain magazine or newspaper but i dunno what to write 4 the interview! My 50 something year old only living gran can barely speak English!
Maybe i won't come to sch 2moro! Aft all, it is Fri tomoro! What's the pt of comin' to sch anyway??
Plus it is super tough to find all those info n stuff! Ooh! Just spotted some totally cute blog skins on the net! But seriously, I cant be bothered to change my skin right nw! Ok! Gotta get to work so I can play maple l8er! Ciao!

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