Tuesday, February 23


Wow. I'm in shock. Never once did I expect to go further than 50 followers on Twitter! And now, check the shot below out ;D I've always been a pretty suspicious person, but I made a wish with these triple numbers anyway! BTW, this shot is of my Twitter homepage info on the sidebar! I took it with a computer screenshot and cropped it out. I might add tutorials and other stuff on this blog in the future so check back for 'em!

In addition, I've been tweeting since July 13, 2009 (225 days)! Would you like to find out how long YOU have been tweeting, if you have a Twitter account? Then click HERE! Twitter apps like these are soooo cool! (If I'd a follower each and everyday, I could have 222 followers now to match up to the number I'm following :o)

Well, this is a real short post this time around! I'm currently learning how to make navigation bars, so hopefully it all turns out good :) Knowing my luck, I really could screw it all up, so I just tried them out on my Spare Blog first! I only recently figured how to make my own backgrounds for blogs, so I might just make free ones to give away here!

"I can resist anything but temptation."
- Oscar Wilde

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