Monday, November 22


OMGOSH got the biggest hair makeover of my life (to date, anyways). I didn't exactly anticipate this, since the hairdresser was trying to convince me to straighten my hair again (it's been two years since the first time I straightened my unkempt hair), and I suddenly wanted to go for waves, from the ear down.

My mother went nearly berserk after I said I wanted to get wavy hair. Stuff like 'it's difficult to maintain' and 'you aren't responsible enough'. On the other hand, the hairdressers were encouraging her to go for it. It became so loud and there were other customers in the salon that I got a little humiliated and just said 'forget it' so the whole spectacle would die down. They continued rambling. Lol. My mother gave me the go-ahead in the end and I just went ahead with the styling. I didn't know what I was getting myself into...

The whole process took a little over 3 hours! Dang, I hate waiting the most! Plus, I never really liked going to the hairdresser's anyway, ever since I was young. Used to throw tantrums everytime I had to go get a haircut. I even kicked one of their full length mirrors once. I know, I sound like a devil. Ahhh, the good ol' days...

When the curlers or whatever they were called got removed after it got treated with some machine, my hair came out looking worser than Hermione Granger's in her first year! A really big, curly mess! I was scared silly. But the hairdresser did stuff to it and it died down. Phew. To make the long story short, my hair came out looking like Goldilock's ringlets. Just that my hair isn't blonde, of course. Wasn't the wavy I wanted (felt more like curls instead, yuk!), but it cost over 200 bucks! Too costly. Photo below. Really bad light!
"The hair is the richest ornament of women." 
- Martin Luther

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