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Kimi ni Todoke Live-Action Movie Subbed!

Here's getting down to business, before I get to the part you might be pretty much more excited about... I'm no longer doing daily blog posts! But you can already tell if you look at my blog header a li'l closely...
Using a Fish Eye FX camera with my new phone! Soo cool!
All I can say is, I'm getting sick of blogging every day, and it's hard coming up with new content every day and I'd usually wind up blogging on my pretty boring mundane life.

Anyway, pretty boring Sunday really. I woke up late in the morning, ate some velvety mushroom stroganoff soup my mother cooked, then headed out for music lessons! Too bad my mother didn't wanna bring me out to the 'Study in Australia' exhibition since she was sick. Oh well. There's always next year I s'pose. Pretty uneventful music lesson today, just that it rained down super hard and I had to walk slowly to the bus stop looking like an idiot in my slippery high flip flops.

Then, I went home and started looking for stuff to watch online! And guess what I found... the Kimi ni Todoke live-action movie already online on ViKi and subbed in English (from Japanese)! Joyous, joyous day. I'd already watched the trailer like a gazillion times since last year awaiting for it to be released online. Btdubs, it was released in Japan from September last year!

Anyway, I haven't exactly been able to find the download for the full-length movie (128 minutes - that's two whole hours!) with English subs, but if you understand Japanese completely, you're in luck! Download the movie for free! I'll update this thing once I've found another download link with the English-subbed movie!
I just realized the link I provided above for the download of the movie (without any subtitles!) is not good, lest you are a member of that particular forum. And now, apparently, you can't register onto that forum (membership limitations and all that junk) so you wouldn't even be able to download the torrent at all!

Luckily, I found a new torrent for the movie (this time with English subs!), so make sure you've installed BitTorrent, then install the Kimi ni Todoke Live Action Movie torrent here (double-click on the green, thin banner that says 'Download torrent') and you're good to go!

I'd successfully downloaded the entire movie (it took one whole night and a few hours in the morning), and alas, there really are English subtitles in the movie! One downside though (besides the long downloading torrent hours), the movie takes up 6.50GB (6.98GB in my case)! But if you love the movie, and hate watching it in parts, then it's absolutely worth it. The quality is rad, and the audio is pretty clear and loud. Download the torrent here if you haven't already!
The movie poster!
All movie trailers compiled into one, and fully subbed! Highly recommended to watch before you begin watching the movie, so you get the gist of the story if you have never read the manga or watched the anime!
If you wanna watch it in parts for now, and can barely stand the suspense of waiting for it to be released on DVD and all that (it might not even come to your country!), then watch the entire movie below! I seriously love this movie, and I teared up a coupla times. It stayed true to the anime (I haven't got the chance to read the manga yet) and only deviated a little! My ratings for this movie:
Glue Factor: ★★★★★
Length: ★★★★✩
Worth-Watching Factor: ★★★★★
Overall: ★★★★★

I have replaced the download link for the torrent for those of you who weren't able to get the torrent file with the previous link so here you go!
If you are somehow still unable to retrieve the torrent file, do request the torrent file from me through my email for you to download!


  1. Nya!
    You're awesome!
    I've been looking for this movie with subtitles for weeks.
    I don't speak enough Japanese to keep up with what's going in quick conversations.
    Thank you so much!
    Thank you!!

  2. @TanieNo problem! ;D Hope you'd enjoyed the movie here!

  3. @©x3AlyyyKay™

    I really did!
    They changed a lot around though, don't you think?
    They even got the uniforms different.
    It was cute, nonetheless.
    The characters they chose were amazingly perfect!

  4. @Tanie

    Definitely! But most of the clothes they used were still quite adjacent to the one in the anime and manga!
    Yes, I loved the actors they'd cast for this too!

  5. Thank you so much, this movie is so hard to find with english subs..and dailymotion does this never ending buffer.

  6. Hi, does your torrent have English subtitles? Thanks for the links and the update! You're great! >:D<

  7. @Mon
    Yes, the updated link to the torrent has English subs! Make sure you've installed VLC Viewer to watch it with though!

  8. thanks for this..i can finally watch kimi ni todoke with sub...keep it up dude!

  9. Кульный Фильм

  10. Is the download gone? =(

  11. Just the vids posted here...
    I'll post up more download links in due time, thanks for notifying me!
    For now you can download the torrent here!

  12. Thank you so much~!

  13. I'm here to say hello to every person.
    Have a great day.

  14. aww, I love your blog!<3 :) and I love what you love!!<3<3<3 :)) fortunately, the torrent's still available to be downloaded for free:)) though it's 6.50 GB just like you said. But the thing is it has a moderate speed so I think I could somehow endure waiting while watching some animes;> Thanks!

  15. Omigosh!!
    Thank you soooo much!!!

    I've been searching for this with no luck and now it's finally downloading :)

    You are awesome. :) :) :) :) :) :)

  16. Sorry, but I can't find the green torrent banner to download it... Need help... Is it no longer available?

  17. :D I really want to watch it. I can't find the green torrent banner you said in the "update".

    1. Hello! It should still be there, at the top of the page under this URL:

      It is situated under this title: Kimi ni Todoke: The Movie [gg-Eclipse]
      If it still doesn't show and you can't find it, just email me personally, and I'll pass the torrent file to you ;)
      My email:
      Hope this helps!

  18. Thanks for the help. I sent an email for you. :D

  19. Where's the link to download the movie? ;A;

    1. Try downloading the torrent here:

    2. i've found the green banner and download it a few times, but i can't play it. and it takes a few second to download the file..please help me...i really want to watch it...


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