Saturday, March 19

App Review: Nechronos

I'm gonna be labelling all my Apple app reviews properly from this day on, for neater purposes. Anyway, if you happen to own any of the 3 main Apple devices (iPhone, iPod Touch or an iPad, just in case you are that clueless on the Apple scene), saddle up and check out this cool entertainment app! It's called Nechronos: How will I die? (don't ask me why, but it does sound suitable should Grim Reaper ever have its own proper name!) and it basically scans your hand (that's for the iPad) or thumb (for the smaller devices like the iPhone) and you get a prediction of how you would die, kick the bucket, cross to the afterlife or the other plane of existence, or whatever you wanna call it... All in less than 5 seconds after the app reads your palm or thumb! 

I'd say it's a pretty straightforward app. And you can scan your palm or thumb as many times as you want to get assorted predictions of how you would die! That's what I did, anyway!

Of course, it's not a true-to-life calculation, so in any case, you shouldn't be believing any of the predictions the app comes up with for you! If you've been feeling the lack of fun apps to download recently, then hit up Nechronos! It's free  up till April Fools' Day, so be quick! Click here to download!
My rating for Nechronos?
Fun Factor: ★★★★✩
Usability: ★✩✩✩✩
Price: ★★★★★ (Since it's free... for now!)
Overall Rating: ★★★✩✩

My first calculation the app raked up for me! I kinda think this might be true... But I'm cool dying this way, really.
More possibilities I tried afterwards... Some of these are too hilarious to be true! The final two pictures, for example. 

--- End of App Review ---
Read on only if you're srsly bored... It's more crap as usual from here on!

I left my house a li'l earlier than my brother to meet up with my mother so we could go to the immigration authority or whatever it's called to get our passports sorted out. My brother to collect his passport, and I, to change my photo. The officers who were checking my passports for the past year now have been asking me to change my photo since I looked totally different now (I beg to differ - I think I look exactly the same), so my mother decide to take action now. Plus, the previous one had already written in my passport to switch photos, so there's no choice now! 

Once we all met up at City Hall, my mother brought us to lunch at New York (X2)! Pretty cool as swagger sofas in there. Here's what I ordered...
Slushie which tasted like mango smoothie. Yuck. It costs 7.90 too. Waste of $$$!!!
Roasted mushroom cappuccino. My mother asked the waiter to remove the coffee powder so it was just the soup and the whipped cream. Yummers.

Freedom Cheese Fries! Stupid name there, I know. Yummilicious nacho cheese there though.
And hot plate pasta with black pepper seafood! There was actually egg at the bottom. Yuck. Luckily they were the solid kind. I hate eggs! I ate the pasta from the top and tried my best to avoid all the egg. The black pepper made it really hot too, I had to keep reaching for the water with the lemon slice in it. Still pretty good though.

Anyway, we ate pretty quick and took two train stations to the place. My brother got a queue number there and my mother found out they didn't allow a change of photo for passports anymore. Damn. So I'd have to pay another 70 bucks for a NEW passport, even though my old one expires in 3 years. Mean people.

I went ahead to take my passport photo. Found out they didn't allow colored glasses, so some guy loaned me his really weird fitting glasses that I could barely see through and I had to clip my fringe away from my face. I looked like a fool in the final photo. I can barely look at myself. We all went home afterwards. Okay, I know it was a pretty boring recount, so Imma stop here. My palms kinda hurt anyway. Ciaoooo! Share

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