Sunday, April 4

Tokyo, Japan: Day Two (Sunday)

Well, since I've taken to writing in my travel journal, it's easier for moi to record each day's events in Tokyo! So here goes... Since today's a Sunday, I got to miss my music lesson back home! *Phew* I needed to get away from THAT pressure. So I woke up pretty late today, around 10 in the morning. Usually I wouldn't think 10 was LATE. But travelling brings time to a whole new perspective, I'd think! Especially if you're going 'round free & easy, without pesky tours! Had to shower in the morning. Hate doing that! Even though it gets all hot in the shower, it leaves you cold after that...

Anyway, we took the Tokyo Metro to Ueno station to Ueno Park after. It's probably the most popular spot in Japan for cherry blossom viewing at this time of year, in Spring! The sakura was all so natural and PINK! All kinds of pink actually, from the pale colors to really pink ones! Unfortch, I didn't exactly dare to pluck a cherry blossom flower from the trees as a souvenir for me and Beck. Anyway, most of them hung pretty high on their branches, and they'd die if I plucked them off. Which was true for the 2 sakura petals I picked up from the ground (I must have looked STUPID!). I kept them flat between my 'Alice in Wonderland' mirror case. There was also a shrine in the park, and we took tons of pix! Saw many Japanese having hanami parties below the cherry blossom trees too. They're sorta like picnics, they bring out the food, toast their drinks and probably some Japanese sake too. My aunt INSISTED we take pictures in front of these people having their parties. Golly.

The rest updated at a later date due to consuming time...!


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