Wednesday, June 20

About Moi~!!

Well, it's all about me here! God, that phrase made me feel like Sharpay from the High School Musical movies - slightly egoistical with a passion for pink!

 An earlier version where I was bored and photoshopped my hand in a scenic wallpaper of Eiffel Tower.
The real deal! Me and my pink polka-dotted ring in front of the Eiffel Tower! It was a little blurry because I was looking a little too silly putting a peace sign out in front my camera for too long.

A small montage of my self-photos through the years, chronogically. Do note, this is the only place where you'll find so many photos of just me alone. 
A very early photo of me, just a year or go back. The first photo I took of myself really... Just realised how the middle of my sunnies forms a butt-shape.
I  was still pretty uncomfortable showing my face, so I resorted to photo effects that completely mask your face. Love the pink here.
 This photo you can see what I actually look like, partially. Turned up the saturation and temperature for this one. Taken at one of my relatives' BBQ chalet, with my cousin, but she's cut out from the photo.
 No face! Attempted to take a photo of myself in front a mirror in a darkened casino on a cruise ship (Royal Carribean!) This was the result.
 Me bored at home, and trying on my new aviator shades.
The most recent one of me, using the app 'Popbooth'! It takes shots of you consecutively four times. It was pretty late at night and I was bored. Experimented shots of me without my glasses.

Issie's Profile: 

Two decades OLD
Awkward, short, with stick-straight blacks
Call me an outcast if you will
No driver's license yet, unfortch
The world over
Wholly Christian, Hallelujah!

A dog/kitten/piglet/rabbit/guinea pig/skinny pig/chinchilla 
A freezing compartment
A (video) camera
An unlimited supply of Ben and Jerry's tubs
Apple iMac
Apple iPad
Apple iPod Nano/iPod Touch
Apple Macbook Pro
Bookbook for iPad
Books, books and MORE books!
Boots from abroad
Cosplay wig (preferably silver, pink or blue!)
Endless choices of wardrobe, preferably designer! 
Fingerless gloves (knitted)
Get a book published
Juicy Charms
Juicy Charm Bracelet 
Ugg boots
Vintage stickers

 Anything vintage or novel
♥ Broadway/ Theatre 
Books of all genres (except some Sci-Fi!)
♥ Boots 
Burberry Wellingtons
French Berets
Getting brainfreeze from a slushie
 Hollywood, CA
♥ Macarons 
My Hamsters, Pudding and Mochi
My Leather Jacket
Shoujo Manga/ Anime
♥ Unicorns 

hate Being broke on a shopping spree
hate Being torn between tough decisions
hate Crowded areas
hate Insects, bugs, snakes, lizards, the list goes on
hate When I find nothing to buy
hate Where I am Right Now



  1. fabbbbbbbullllllousss!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. An unlimited supply of Ben and Jerry's tubs

    Why is this "strikethrough"?? Hahaha


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