Friday, May 11

Doggone Troubles

We had Art exam today!!
It was so unfair it had to start so late, at 10.45!!
So Becky & I walked around for awhile...
Mr Lim (think that's his name) invigilated us...
At 1st, he said we could leave after we finished!
But thanks to the school's "kind" graces, we had to wait till 1.15...

But the exam was pretty easy going, we could talk a bit!
I wasn't concentrating on my artwork that much, especially since it's less than an hour to the most anticipated time since about 3 weeks ago!

So after the exam, Becky & I rushed out of the class the minute he said, "Ok, think you can leave now."

Thankfully, we didn't have to wait too long for 855!!
Vivocity was so big we took some time finding our way to Harbourfront Centre..
We went to MiniToons ( what's wrong with the salespeople there??), Candy Empire, DAISO (=.=)" and Pet Safari of course!

Saw papillons and westies!!
The black papillon was quite nice, cos it was active, tho the eyes look kinda scary, all black!
I wish I could have a dog ='(

I left round 5.50, and the bus I took home was crowded!
A certain school student dropped his stupid book on me & didn't even bother saying sorry!
Oh and the food he ate stank too.
How could a day I wish would come QUICKLY end so QUICKLY??


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