Friday, May 4

Reality bites

Had this stupid dream on Wednesday morning!
I dreamt like I had to print out this Anne of Green Gables report in the morning, 'round 5am!
Then, I didn't get to do it cos my bro took over and played Maple!

I suddenly realised it was 'round 10 am and I went to my mother and was like, ''Faster! I'm late for school! I need to take a taxi!!"

Then, I woke up and I told OUT LOUD to my mother, "Going to be 11 plus! I need to take a taxi!"

And she was like,"Only 5.30am. What you talking about?"
(-. -)"

Sorta embarrassing, in a way!! Reality bites.

The Math exam today was a bit hard!
Couldn't do some so I used all the information I had left in my brain and somehow finished it =.=

I hope I'd pass this exam for THE FIRST TIME this year!! Share

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