Monday, February 8

Valentine's Day Spesh: Pop Art, Love Pillows and More

The pictures below of a baby and some hamsters in a kitchen reminds me of the Pop Art pictures of Marilyn Monroe by Andy Warhol (I only know this 'cos I took Art Class for a while before I entirely dropped the subject). If you would like to try some Pop Art fun of your own, click here. You get to use some controls to adjust the colours on the portrait of Marilyn. 
Anyway, this is the original picture of the Pop Art graphics above:
The original work of Andy Warhol of Marilyn Monroe:
And on to the next segment!

Love Pillows
Technically, I only have one picture of a love pillow. I'll post that on anyway. This picture below is a tapestry kit, whatver that is. 0_o

By golly, heard a giant crash only just in the kitchen. Turns out my Gran broke 2 plates. Picking up loose, small ceramic pieces is tedious work!

I picked up some funny pictures recently. The vintage picture with the boy is taken from
ABOVE: The crystal ball explains the importance of grammar. Go Grammar! 
"The cook was a good cook as cooks go; and as cooks go, she went."  
                                       - HH Munro
Ciao for now!


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