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The Sims Medieval Review

This review's coming in a li'l late, but namely 'cos I required some time to actually experience the gameplay and all that. I took approximately two days trying to get through a whole ambition (which requires you to complete a number of quests - tons for you to choose from - they aren't all compulsory though). 

As long as that took me, I still got the game down pat in less than an hour! The screen/camera controls, the shortcuts, the cheat codes... they were all pretty much the same as that of The Sims 3 (save for some of the cheat codes used in Sims 3 weren't usable in Sims Medieval already! Pity...). The basis of the game though (heroes, quests, ambitions) took a li'l longer trying to figure. I used the 'Lessons' in the (...) menu most of the time to get the gist of the game! 

Anyway, the game took up about 5GB of hard drive space, took close to an hour to finish installing, then it ran pretty smoothly for me afterwards! 

For The Sims Medieval, you don't exactly start off (or even play) with a family! You are only presented with a single Ambition when you start, then you get to create a monarch (as in a king or a queen, depending on which gender you choose!) that would be living in a majestic stone-walled castle, with his/her quarters (or the throne room) nestled in the center. And in order to complete the ambition, you'd have to completed quests, which would give you the QPs (quest points) required to build all the locations necessary for that particular ambition, which would then nest all 10 professions in the game! Some of my fave ones in the game are the Physician, the Monarch and the Jacoban and Peteran Priests! 

While you don't get to exclusively play a single character all at the same time (you switch your heroes as you complete each quest and move on to the next), the quests are still the most fun part that really builds this game to be what it is. 

The graphics and the scenery in the game are pretty awesome. Of course, they might not seem as great as the ones in Sims 3, but that's 'cause the game is set in the Middle Ages, so everything has to have that aged look to it! Even the clothes the Sims don are totally ye olde Medieval! I love all the clothing in the game! But I sure do hope there'd be Custom Content for this game in the future though. 

All righty, I'm not feelin' up for a really long review, so I included tons of really unnecessary screenshots taken throughout my gameplay. Here are my ratings for the game...

Game Technicalities: ★★★★✩
Graphics: ★★★★✩
Fun-factor: ★★★★★ (only if you like quests! Or the Medieval times in general)
Environment: ★★★★★
Price: ★★★★✩
Overall: ★★★★★

Alternatively, check out a much more detailed (obvs.!) review of the game: Geeky Women's Blog Sims Medieval review
The cover of the game case! 
A close-up of my Monarch, Lady Ariana the Great. I named her last name 'Westershire' after the kingdom.
The Queen spars with a bandit in the forest outskirts of the castle.

She leaves him wounded.
Lady Ariana sharpening her sword amidst a number of corpses.
She ignores the guy's begging and sends him to the stocks. 
The wooden plank thing is the stocks, just in case you were wondering.

Sims back then ate with their hands. Yes, even with soups.

They send their mail with pigeons. How cool is that?!

Some angel dude comes down from the sky to officiate the wedding.

In ye olde Middle Ages, people can bathe (and use the loo - which was just a vase) even while there are others in the vicinity with no real partitions.
Little boys and girls (wait I haven't seen li'l girls so far) don't grow up until their parents die. Sad, ain't it? Their parents can send them to do their shopping though.

The Pit of Judgement... Jump off that plank and you're dead. Literally.

And just a few quick photos of some soups Bec and I had on Monday. Can't get enough! I got the Boston Clam Chowder again. Yummers!

 Bec's Meatless Minestrone with some macaroni in it. 
We tried to tweak with the Aperture and focus settings and stuff on my camera.

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