Saturday, April 2

Just Classic

Okay, so I haven't exactly blogged in a whole week. Not feelin' up to it, really. I mean, once you've stopped doing something (which you've done every single day), the habit catches on, and you stop doing it altogether! Take for example back in school few years ago: a certain someone persuaded me to skip Christian Fellowship (it was my extra-curricular activity back then!), and I did. Several weeks after that, I didn't feel like going any more. I didn't get too much in deep doo-doo, but I didn't get the points for attendance and all that. I stopped going for the next 2 years, even till I graduated (of course I wouldn't go back, it'd be too weird). So what I've been meaning to say is.. forget it, there really wasn't a motivation behind all that long-winded crap down memory lane. 

Moving on! I'm currently awaiting my fate (so it sounds a li'l exaggerated!) that's soon to come in say, 15 minutes! The new semester at school's starting (oh, bother) and everyone has to choose certain modules. Two, in fact. But we're just gonna choose one now, and leave the other till next time! Since it's on a first-come-first-serve basis, I've got my eye on a module called 'Life Sciences Revolution' (the other is 'Exploring Classical Music' but I'm leaving that for another time) so I'm gonna keep refreshing the online module enrolment page right now till the stipulated time arrives, and hopefully, I'll be able to snag my desired (not really, there wasn't much else I was interested in to choose from) module. Wish me luck! 
[To Be Cont'd...] 

Back to blogging... hours later! Anyway, the module enrolment thing didn't work out for me at the start. I camped at the website and kept refreshing the page, counting down to the time for my enrolment. I was literally trembling by then! When the time finally came, I tried to refresh and the page got stuck. But it was okay after frantically clicking it a few more times. I was scared out of my mind that I might have to settle for a sucky module or something I don't even like! Anyway, I went in, and suddenly was unsure of where to click. There were so many categories to select and I got panicky in less than 10 seconds after I entered. I called up Bee and thankfully, I realized I overlooked them 'cos I was way too paranoid. My hands were shaking as I navigated, truth be told. Worrywart much? Turns out the teacher for the module 'Idea Blueprint' was the same as my preferred module 'The Life Sciences Revolution' and I missed the latter title. Plus, there was only one module available for selection (reason enough for why I panicked?). But the rest under the 'Science & Technology' category were probably taken. I managed to select in time *Phew*! My heart slowed down after that. After the entire scarefest, found out my teacher for both modules was the same person. They were even in the same location and class unit, to boot! Pretty cool, but there's an hour's break in between. Can't be helped since the Life Sciences one takes up 4 whole hours and the other takes up 2. The modules are all on a Friday, but I end at 3PM, at least!

Anyway, last Sunday, I followed my mother and bro to Newton for his Success Coaching lessons. I took them before a few years back (on school premises no less). They basically teach you mindmapping (ugh, I hate them), how to succeed in life and all that. It's pretty successful itself, the whole business. It costs a lot for tuition fees, and even adults get to go for these classes too. All in all, the creator must be a pretty wealthy man himself. My mother and I walked around the shopping malls in the area while waiting for my bruh-tha (3 whole hours)! I managed to get some really cute socks (currently, I own only one pair - sports socks, yuck!) imported from Korea, a golden ring with a rabbit's head on it (really cute - if I had a better camera I could've shown it here) and tons of books! ☟Lookie down there!☟
3 ah-mazing classics for ten bucks only! I got Macbeth, Jane Eyre (I know, I know, it's pathetic I haven't read this one before) and The Scarlet Letter!
... and HUNGER GAMES! I can't wait till the movie actually comes out! Of course, I'm hoping Katniss Everdeen (the protagonist girl) would be played by Malese Jow (Unfabulous, Vampire Diaries) or Hailee Steinfield (True Grit)...
My mother got tickets for The Lion King Broadway musical there too! We got the 2nd cheapest tickets at 85 bucks (the cheapest were 65)! I was so ecstatic by then. Pretty shocked myself that my mother actually liked watching musicals too. 

We walked by YAMI Yoghurt and found out they gave away free medium-sized cups for those who bought tickets from SISTIC! I got a natural flavor and topped them with Fruity Pebbles (at an extra price of course). I was over the moon after that. Got some choco taco balls too. Pretty disgusting stuff, imho.

Then, on Monday (yes, I've had a pretty hectic week), went on an entire-day movie-snow-science excursion with Bee! We met really early for a movie at 10:45 with the free tix I won for the Diary of a Wimpy Kid 2: Rodrick Rules! Honestly, funniest movie I've seen in a long while! I found it much better than the first really, but I was pretty upset Chloe Moretz wasn't in this one. Of course, as usual, Zachary Gordon played Greg Heffley perfectly down to a T. I like that Greg can be so seemingly selfish and incidentally adorable at the same time! I loved Devon Bostick as Rodrick (Greg's ah-nnoying big brother) too! There were too many jokes in the entire movie to remember, so I'm not gonna recount any of 'em now. Besides, I stink at telling jokes. Or even telling anything, really. All in all, here are my ratings for Diary of a Wimpy Kid 2: Rodrick Rules:

Animations: ★★★★☆ (they looked like they leaped right off the books!)
Cinematography: ★★★★☆
Laugh Factor: ★★★★★
Run-time: ★★★★★ (94 minutes, it didn't feel too long or too short. I loved every minute of this family flick!)
Worth-watching: ★★★★★ (You don't have to watch the first wimpy kid movie to watch this, really)
Overall: ★★★★★ 
P.S.: Very fortunately, Diary of a Wimpy Kid 3 is already in the works! Can't wait for the next one to be released!

After the movie was over (regrettably), Bee and I headed to Snow City by bus! We reached there soon enough, paid up the 16 bucks per person entrance fee, found out cameras weren't allowed in there (and sulked about it for a while), then got to borrowing their jackets and boots (which happened to be chocolate brown Uggs! Loooooves! Wish we coulda taken a picture of them though). We shared a rented locker for a dollar, stuffed all our bags in (with our cameras, sadly) and prepped ourselves in our puffy jackets (too puffy, if I might add) to enter. 

Previously (like years ago), we had to wait for a group of visitors to gather before we enter the snow land, so we all had to come out at the same time to keep to the single hour we paid for. This time 'round, we went in whenever we pleased, which meant there was no way to keep track when our turn was over. Not a pretty organized way, but I'm not complaining! Turns out we didn't even exceed the hour. We spent most of the time running in and out of the snow premises, emptying out Bee's Uggs and trying to get warm. Apparently, she wasn't too used to the cold, poor thang! The entire place was at a mere 1.4 degrees Celcius (it wasn't down to the negatives, thank goodness) but it still numbed our noses off. We kept swapping our gloves (we brought them from home - we had to buy from them if we didn't!) when we found out fingerless gloves don't work well in cold situations. I ended up in my white fingerless cotton gloves (it covered the fingers with an extra pocket though!) and Bee in my leather gloves, topped with her purple knitted fingerless gloves. It looked kinda pretty worn together, actually.

I also winded up swapping my Uggs with Bee's, since she was practically freezing in hers (apparently, the ice went in). Sure enough, hers were pretty loose and all the snow had gone in! Mine were pretty snug so we just exchanged! We did snowtubing down the short hill thrice, got our pictures taken with some of the props in the area (they still had Christmas decor, can you believe it!) and I almost slid and slipped short of a coupla times while we had our pix taken. Cringe!

We exited the place and finally got down to the hot chocolate (three bucks!). We shared potato wedges (yummy!) and I got cotton candy (double yummers!). It was heaven really. Been in the (really) cold, then enjoying a hot cup of hot chocolate! If there was a fireplace, it'd be so much better! Then again, it's no ski lodge!

After we were done, we checked out the photos the man had taken of us again. We got a students' discount! 10 bucks for a photo-frame-sized! We each got different photos. I took one with snow (fake foamed snow of course) cascading down on us. So pretty!

Then, we headed to the Science Centre (free tickets for any Snow City visitor!) and played for a while with all the objects in the park outside of the Science Centre. Pretty fun, especially the trampoline thing that actually looked like a drain in the ground. 

I didn't manage to get many pictures (I used to go there almost every week long ago, anw) but I took some in the aquarium in one section of the science centre!

It was hard trying to photograph this strange eel. It kept gliding in the water in circles!

Bee and I got Astronaut Ice-Cream from the souvenir store in the science centre too! There was even the NASA sign on the packet! Okay, I admit I'm interested in anything from NASA. It was only 3 dollars fifty, but I haven't tried it yet. Bee did and said it was not nice at all. My previous tuition teacher said her student had tried it before and said it'd make one full for a long time. After all, it's for astronauts - and they remain in space for who knows how long? And they'd def require food that kept their tummies filled for some time!
How the packet looks!

...and there it is! NASA!

And then on Wednesday, it was finally the day we went to watch The Lion King Broadway Musical! I was so stoked. Since it was a 8PM show, I took my time getting ready. But I was already prepped and ready to head out to meet my mother near her workplace by 5! I managed to reach there early 6 in the evening, and we reached Sands by 7! 

There was still an hour, and we headed to the food court to get dinner. The first thing I saw when I entered the area - a srsly rad ice-skating rink! It was pretty clear that if you skated, everyone in the food court (well, outside of it anyway) would be able to watch you (or laugh at you) while they ate. They had lined up tables and chairs literally around the perimeter of the rink for the food court patrons! There was a girl and her li'l kid brother on the rink with an instructor overlooking their progress too. The girl had apparently fallen on the ice, and her brother was holding out his hand for his sister. Cute. But still pretty humiliating. The food court was packed and there were people watching them! Pretty obvious nobody [who couldn't skate] would ever go through that kind of torture. Unless it was in the morning and there's really no one around!

We quickly took seats and ordered. I got a Vongole pasta with clams (yummers - it was soaked in tasty soup) for 8.80 and my mother had noodles that were way too overpriced at 6 bucks!

Once we were done, we quickly left and tried to find the entrance of the theaters. we browsed the Lion King memorabilia store before we headed to the candy store below for some gummies! I really wanted this Lion King charm bracelet (it was 35 bucks!!) and the program booklet (20 bucks), but they were all too overpriced. I got nothing in the end. *Sigh*

When we were due to enter the theater, they had us open all our bags for a security check. One of them told my mother there was no eating or drinking allowed when he saw the water bottle. Oh brother. We were sneaking gummies into our mouths throughout the musical. 

We had pretty much stellar seats (even if it was a few rows from the back), but they were in the center of the stage, right next to the control panel at the back of the theater! ...Until the boy in front of me had a bag propped up under him by his father so he could see better. I mean, that can't be helped right? So during the whole duration of the show, I had to keep tilting left and right, leaning front and back to get a clearer view of the stage. Really inconvenient. 

The musical began with lots of animal-costumed people gathering on the stage with the 'Circle of Life'. It ended with 'Circle of Life too'. All the singing, the costumes were truly awesome. The accents were really real, and it was totally hilarious in parts! Too bad we weren't allowed to even use the camera while it was showing. Bummer. I did manage to get a few shots of the stage while waiting for the musical to start!

Then, the interval came around (just 15 minutes!) and we headed in search for a toilet not too close to the theater. The turnout of the musical was pretty full! Then once we came out, I discovered there was a Juicy Couture store close by! Too bad there wasn't enough time to go in and have a lookie-lookie. 

We returned in time for the musical! I managed to get a voice recording from the safety of my bag of a cetain part of it close to the end! I think the song was 'He Lives in You'! Listen below!

When the musical was over (unfortch), we tried to find our way back. The taxi queue was crazy long, and it would take probably over an hour of waiting. Plus, the musical ended at 10:45! We managed to find the train station, though it took a bit of walking (and having to endure my mother's restlessness and temper). 
Look! Even Britney Spears took her two kids to Lion King the Musical! The one in Las Vegas, no less.

Then, on Thursday, I headed out to town with Bee again! We pretty much spent an entire time at Wendy's, then Kino, sitting down in a corner and reading! My mother gave me 15 bucks for a book too! I got that last book in the picture below: The Clique novels! 

We also planned to go on a vacay two years from now (when we actually graduate) without our 'rents! So fun! We decided on some pretty cool locations, like Oz, Macau, though we kinda had to stay realistic. Sure wish we were wealthy! Stoked for the next two years to quickly pass!

Okay, that's the end of this seriously long blost (okay, a really bad word mash-up of blog + post). Till then, au revoir!

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