Monday, April 4

Beach Barbie

Judging by the title, I s'pose you might be wondering: 'This has gotta be another one of her silly blog posts - and this time, on Barbie dolls?' You couldn't be more wrong! I was listening to this audio recording teaching the ways of the Aussie slang (too rad!) and apparently, they refer to the barbeque (or BBQ) as barbie! Them Aussies love to shorten words (and other stuff), as the recording explained. So barbeque has become 'barbie'! 

Anyway, after I was done with music lessons in the early afternoon (thank God I wasn't told off or anything by my teacher this time 'round for not following the 'beat'!), I headed home then out again with my 'rents to a BBQ by the sea at a chalet rented by my relatives (albeit ones I don't really talk to). Since my brother was off on his success coaching lessons elsewhere, it was just me, and I simply put my bag down and sat in a chair in a corner and WA-ed Bec and played on my iPad while all my other relatives busied themselves around the chalet (the entire house looked really old and creepy, but the upholstery and furni looked pretty all right) with the BBQ food.

It all stayed that way till my cuz came with her boyfriend that is, besides me walking along the boardwalk next to the sailing club and dipping my bare feet into the sea along the shore! What fun! Heaps of photos below!

My feet in the water!

The sailing club has its own pool! So cool!
Some guy's Black Labs! He wasn't allowed to bring in dogs into the sailing club and had to leave 'em outside (leashed, of course). Poor things!

I tried roasting marshmallows over the BBQ pit at night too! Totes of fun heating them and tasting the chewy, melted aftermath later! Too bad we couldn't have made any s'mores or graham crackers to go with! 

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