Saturday, August 26

Hiies again!
This tyme I've a new blogg skin!
Though the box is pretty small & difficult to see, I lurvve the designs!
Too lazy to add any stuff inside now!
Yesterday nite we went to Sentosa!
1st we took the car there!
$10 for 4 ppl!
Quite cheap though...
We circled round the place & found car park to Musical Fountain!
Bought Burger King : Onion rings,burger,fries and coke!
Yum yum!
Then we sat there lykk 1/2 hr waiting for the last musical fountaion show to start........
There it began...
A man came out in clown clothes and danced along to fountain orchestra.
Pretty cool tt part was...
Then KiKi the monkey came out and blah blah blahhs.
Many animations formed within the fountain itself!
There was this big fish tt kept flopping its fin on the "water" and made splashing sounds...
Real cool!
& this woman with bubbles as hair sung soprano and it was super cool!
Pity i didn't get any shots or I'd post 'em in here!
After the show we walked around..
There were these escalators which are auto!
When there's no one they would slow down so it'd save energy!
And when we approached it'd go faster!
Really cool!!!
After tt we went back to the car & circled round and round.
We went into tt supposedly only for rich ppl with expensive cars to enter!
It's tt Sentosa Cove...
Think they're still renovating or sth...
Then there was this fierce-looking security guard who clapped his hands LOUDLY on the table,which miie n my bro notice so we just made our way out.
Talk about Crazy!
Then we went up 1 hill near the Mt Faber with many twists & turns! My head kept bumping on the window as it turned! Oww!
Anyway gotta stop here!
Pretty much done wif hw except tt stupid situational writing!

Hugs & Kisses Share

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