Friday, August 4

This is a new blog of mine! So this'll be my 1st post for this one! If u wanna read the prev. ones go to! I lost the passsword for tt blog...Or rather someone changed it, I s'pose! Ohhh gawd! It's 9! Last episode of Love at 0 degrees! Love tt show! Seriously hope Yi xIn goes 2gether with rattlesnake! oh and tt Anna will die! Hee hees. But not possible!
Anyway today's Friday! So there's lykk tons of homework! Ih... Math... Oh and tt disgusting scienc worksheet about sexual reproduction! Mr Goh teaches so yicky stuff! N becky caught him digging his nose! Which is so obscene! Ok gotta go!!!! Bueno noches and hasta luego!

P.S: August 17- Big Dayy!! Share

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