Saturday, August 19

Today was soooohh fun okkayy...
Not the streaming talk parttx definitely!
It was super boring!
My definite options nw are like 1 and 2!
I may join 1 so i won't have to take the N levels and i can learnnx POA (Principal of Accounts)!
2 pros ritex?
However, ii wanna join option 2 cuz there's BIO, and if i take 1, i gotta take A math!!
Puhh-lease! i completely suck at E math!
How m ii gonna even obtain a passing grade for A math??
And I don't do well in physics either.
Anyway, I had a party held at my house todays...
Melody and Anh and Rina were a last minute thing...
Lizzy didn't come.
Stephanie Neo didn't come.
Rebeccy didin't come.
ZX didn't come.
Yvonne didn't come.
Rachel's father droveus to our hse.
Everyone seated quite well. (duh,it was a 7-seater vehicle!)
Rina,Anh and Rachel at the back,mel and I at the front. & Rachel's mum & dad at the drivers' seats...
Rose came abit later...He Hex.
Had 2 sorta pizzas. Some starry munchies ( lurve 'em!) and chicken wings!
Later watched Harry Potter no. 4 with air-con! Cool!
Then went down.
Lent 'em my clothes n swim suits till 1 simply irritating and spoils-ALL-the-fun female security guard told us those with shirts n stuff to well, not swim! I was 1 of 'em! HeHeX.
Everyone except Rachel n I went into the sauna.
rachel didn't swim n I bathed 1st.
So I will lose heat if i go in dere!!
We went to the gym...
Luckily no security officers spotted us.
We might b too "young" to go in there!
Went up with fries and chicken from Mac waitin'!
Rina left 1st.
Then rachel's father fetched her home.
Mel n anh left 2gether.
Then rose went hme round 6.
PLayed monopoly b4 tt.
So lame... =.=
Anyway gotta stop here!
Do some stupid coursework!


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