Tuesday, September 5

Heyy peeps...
Still pretty lazy and bummed out to post!
So i'm not gonna post a long one 2day unlike some ppl!
Just returned home froo Escape theme park 2day!
It was fun overall, but mostly dizzy 4 miie.
There were Yahui,Melody,Anh,Rina,Hwee Ping and rou ting frm Taiwan!
We took the go-kart like 4 times.
1st time was pretty thrilling.
The 1st time i took the darn pirate ship i felt a little nauseous and completely dizzy...
I gt dizzy real easily!
So i didn't take the one which turns up & down and round and round...
I get dizzy even watching it!
Now i'm reminded of it!
Anyway, i went home all tired and i had no energy 2 stand up at all in the bus!

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