Friday, September 15

Okay i gotta type this real fast!
My father's coming home soon and can't touch it once he's home!
Just had a fab dinner!
My mum ordered the new Triple chicken cheesy bites pizza.

It's tasty and filling but the original Cheesy Bites is better...
But love the Parmesan cheese,cheddar & all...
OMG this season's Singapore Idol is so darn lousy I dun't think i still wanna cont'd watching now tt Jasmine's out....
I mean, it's so obvious Hady will win title of 2nd Singapore Idol...
What's the point of continuing to watch it??
Jonathon in my opinion, is so extra!
Does anyone like this skin??
Anyway,blog still under construction! =p

Hugs & Kisses
Ikky (over to you,Bucky!) Share

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