Friday, October 27

finally i can post!
tis' stupid blog was locked!
how dumb is that?
anyway pretty cute bear on the left! got it from another famouse chain email!
the wool shirt is pretty dorky though...
anyway many things happened!
we got back our report books yesterday & few ppl in our class could go to express! excluding me of course...
sorta regret choosing normal over express! then i wouldn't exactly waste a year!
oh mi gosh! princess hours is so darn nice!
but the ending is very lame... =.="
i hope they won't change the actors for the 2nd season!
just sorta spooked myself out watching Ghost Whisperer.
in fact, i always do...
anyway hope nothing crops up while posting and it ends up in the Drafts section.
i like my new phone but i prefer the chocolaate label black/pink! so delish! Share

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