Tuesday, September 4

Chinchillas and Luxury Trains

Yesterday was quite fun...!
We went to Xiao Ying's house to do that loco project for Kite Runner!
Becky and I arrived so early cos we planned to HIDE from them and make 'em wait for us!

It's too bad the rain had to ruin everything!
So while waiting till 1pm for them, we went to practically everywhere 'round the district!
Got a new Maple prepaid card too ^^

When we started walking to Regent Heights, it started to rain...
So we stood OUTSIDE the condo and waited for Xiao Ying to come down.
She came running WITHOUT an umbrella 5 minutes later!
Besides the fact that her house was cluttered and the furni was positioned a bit like Stephanie's, she has her OWN room and a chinchilla!

We ordered Pizza Hut courtesy of her mother and the computer sorta broke down while doing the research work for Kite Runner!
Becky tried to carry the chinchilla! She was a a bit afraid of it biting her. It was extra furry! Like a soft toy!

Came across this real nice train on the newspapers a few weeks ago, so I decided to post pictures of them!
They go to Scotland, Venice, France and more countries!
Wish I could sit on such a luxurious train!!


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