Friday, January 25

Thank You, Water Pipes!

Haven't exactly blogged in ages!!!
Took like 10 minutes to recover this account and reset a dumb password.
Today's like the best day ever! =D

Everyone's dream came true.
Thanks to a water pipe burst in our school, Mrs Tan dismissed us at 8.30 am.
Course they had to call every single one of our 'rents...
Hope someone secretly goes to school during the weekends and burst another pipe
It's much better not going to school XD

Too bad I've another stinkin' Chinese tuition or I could go out, so everyone's gonna think i played truant...
heh heh.
It was seriously the first time i hear people from our school cheer so loud and greet the teachers loudly too.
Anyway, nothing else to type about so ciao! Share

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