Sunday, August 17

Sweet 16

Hurrah I've turned sweet 16 today! And of course, it's one step closer to death, one step closer to being an adult. Drag!
Know I haven't blogged in a long while. Blogging isn't exactly my first priority now when i turn the computer on, but still, today's an exception, since it's my birthday =x
On the whole, I got only 20 bucks of birthday money, from yesterday when some of my relatives and my mum and bro ate at some Japanese (wonder why 'Jap' is a bad word) restaurant at Bugis.
Too bad I have a music lesson and math tuition on this 'special' day.
Though I'm not really enthusiastic about the fact I can start watching NC16 films, since most of them are either VIOLENCE, has MATURE themes or whatsoever.
What a pity I'm not in the United States or something. I could be getting a driver's ED lesson today or something, or possibly even a Mustang or Volkswagen car!
But since we can't even drive at such a 'tender' age, guess I've nothing to say but blame on my luck for being born HERE.
Gonne end here. Ciao! Share

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