Tuesday, April 13

Tokyo, Japan: Final Daaaay!! (Monday)

I'm currently on the plane (Delta Airlines) back home! It's gonna be a looong night! We've only just departed at 8:35PM Japan time! Anyways, our flight kept getting delayed and all like an hour or so... I'm sooo gonna miss Tokyo!!

We woke up pretty early in the hotel for our last day today! We checked out of the hotel early too - 'round 10++ so we could go shopping for a bit! I had insta-pasta for breakfast. It was hell good, but it's the soupy kind. I took ALL my energy (which wasn't that much in the morning) to lug my pink luggage down to the hotel lobby. Turns out it weighed 38kg. Goddarn it.
ABOVE: It's strange - the pix I took all seem orangey. Then again, it might be the lights in the room...
We walked even further to UniQlo in Shinjuku, which is this Japanese popular casual wear brand. The store boasted FIVE floors!! Got some suh-weet loot along the way - 'Alice in Wonderland' themed tights (I've got TWO now!) and shirt, an alphabetical grey leggings, fuschsia jeans and a tee or two. (BTW, if you plan to visit the store, it's near some exit from Shinjuku Stn. And beware, there're LOTS of exits from this station!)
We headed down to a drugstore next somewhere to get more plane snacks for later. They've a hell lot of drugstores in Japan! We ate our lunch at another noodle store for our final bowl of authentic udon (thank God I was getting sick of eating that almost every day!).

We then had to lug our luggage out in the drizzling, chilly outdoors to get to our airport limousine bus. My aunt was so worried we would miss it. Thankfully there were no traffic jams along the way that'd get us to the airport late.
ABOVE: There was a toilet at the back of the bus! Too bad we weren't allowed to use it.

While we were waiting around for our flight at Tokyo-Narita Airport just now, we went shopping duty-free and ate Macdonalds and went to this cool origami museum/shop. Here are the pictures I took in there! The origami-ers are just too talented!! However, on the whole, Narita Airport was kinda boring. Just sayin'!

ABOVE: This would give you the heebie-jeebies at night.
ABOVE: So's this one.

ABOVE: Umm.. men in weird hats?
ABOVE: This one is supposed to resemble a map of Japan! Pretty impressive!

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