Sunday, June 20

Father's Day Spesh SITE FEATURE! Tiepedia

It's Father's Day today! I'll post this a little early - in time for anyone who's willing to give their dads who happen to have a sweet tooth something entirely different and totes creative. (I know, you've been giving your father ties for years now!) Below are some of the best (necktie) cakes I've seen in my life! Thanks loads to Matt from tiepedia for permission for his site to be featured on my blog on this special day! 
The blue "notepad" with the Happy Father's Day! words on looks like it's created from blue cheddar!
Best icing cream work i've seen! Elaborately sweet for an older dad.
OMG the tie creases so beautifully. I'm just spouting nonsensical crap here.
And for those who have a 90 year-old father...
Or for fathers who happen to work in the medical industry.
Took this for myself in a departmental store bakery. They even sell sugar figurines (those that look totes like the ones in Precious Moments)! They were too expensive for me to be able to get a shot of them up close...
For this particular full article on necktie cakes, click here!
Before I go on with the father's day special site feature, below are some pretty cute and hilarious graphics and cartoons specially for this occasion!

I suppose the gist of this comic is that Jesus probably celebrates Father's Day like the rest of us as well. That's good to know.
Tiepedia boasts a whole lot of - well, obviously neckties! The creator of the site has an obsession for them, so you can probably see why! Some features of the site below, as well as a short description of the creator! Simple, yet a cute logo (to moi anyway).

The site even includes comics by the creator as well! Wicked! They're pretty good too - the illustrations. The cartoon's called Office Ninja Training I s'pose. I particularly am fond of the one of the iPad designed to be used as a weapon!
Read this first. Click here for the full comic.
Click here for the full comic.
All right, that's all for now! Ciaooo xx

"When I was kidnapped, my parents snapped into action. They rented out my room." 
— Woody Allen

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