Wednesday, March 16

Feverish Dreams

Gonna make this a quickie! I woke up perspiring this morning, since I had a sort of feverish dream! I dreamt my temperature went up to 60 degrees Celsius (don't ask me how - it's a dream after all) and I was just frantically searching the medicine cabinet for some meds to cure my deadly temperature. As I went about prepping after I woke up to head out, I was still perspiring even though it wasn't exactly too hot in the house! Then I checked my temperature - and I really was running a fever! I think my mother transmitted it to me. She had a fever too just this Sunday.

Anyway, headed out to meet Bec at noon! We went to Kinokuniya to collect the pair of tickets I'd won to watch Diary of a Wimpy Kid: Rodrick Rules! Can't wait. It's not exactly a preview sort this time round. Plus, we could watch it in any cinema! Just not those that are a tad too expensive apart from the rest! I saw I was one of the only five contestants who won. Probably only five of us had bothered to enter the contest.

Bec's younger sister joined us a li'l later and we all went to watch a movie (free ticks!!). Red Riding Hood! Again. It was still as scary the second time 'round, and we finally watched the parts we'd missed the last time. Still, I didn't get bored the whole movie. The theater looked a little creepy though, especially the walls, carpeting and ceiling. It was pretty old after all. When we entered the theater a few minutes late, the entire place was so dark we had to fumble around to find good seats!

Anyway, we returned home after the movie was over (it felt so much shorter than the first time we watched!), and I took a nap! Woke up and checked my temperature. It went up to 39.3 degrees. Damn. My mother found out and scolded me so badly for not taking care of myself. Ugh. She cooled down after a little while though.

Take a look at the video below! Liz Gillies (Jade from Victorious) does a mean Miley impression of her song, "Can't Be Tamed". Totally sounds like her, but better! It gets kinda annoying though, but only 'cos it sounds so much like Miley.


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