Monday, August 28

Today was a good day!!!
There was NO common test!
And NO ih too!!!
Cause Mrs Tey nvr come!!!
Ho Ho Ho.
Anyway still doing this home economics evaluation!
Thank goodness I just gotta do a small amt of work!
Anyway today was sooo fun too!
OMG! Teachers' Day is coming soon!
Dunno if I should get the teachers sth!
Maybe the least I can do is get only 2 teachers a card!
Maybe 1 wouldbe the one where you open it and it hums a tune or sth!
But mostly they come in Happy B'dae cards!
So maybe I'll buy cheap ones!
Becky & i were lykk talking on the phone in the afternoon and we were thinking up names for miie starting with a "R"! & guess what it turned out to be?
The nerve!
Whata dumb and stupid name!!
It sounds like a name for fatties!
But in the end???
I am writing some short stories for tt stupid Molly!
Whoever she is! *rolls eyes*
Guess what?
My grandma just won in 4D!
Though not a lot of $$
But miie n my bro both got $20 each!
Talk about luck!
Now I've enough $ to buy the stuff i want!!!

Hugs and Kisses Share

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