Thursday, August 31

I can use the computer again!!!
Anyway just came home.
I met up with Stephanie, my primary school fwen1!
So fickle-minded one... Haha.
1st say meet outside school then change to Bt Gombak mrt!
i dun really noe where to stop on 945 so anyhow stop once i see the MRT!
& she came pretty late too.
I had to loiter around like a terrorist & walk round in circles.
Plus the female loo is locked with the sign, "Cleaning in Progress"!!
Talk about bad luck!
Later we had to walk in the rain to our primary sch!!!
Luckily i brought my brolly!
Cause the rain was pretty heavy...
The school felt really empty. Not much ppl.
Just in the main lobby gortt more ppl!
& we felt pretty weird too...
Cause mostly is sec 1, nortt sec 2 mahhs...
then we walked round the sch & "revived the memoirs"!
Walked into the HOD room to find our former form teacher,Mrs Guna!
Turns out no one was in there...
Perhaps the teachers were counting their prezzies in the toilet!
So we left and WALKED to West Mall...
Went to all gift shops and looked for sth 2 buy 4 my b'dae prezzy!
In the end she just bought a $4.90 notebook 4 miie!
Nothing much but at least,it's sth!!
After tt,we left and went to Coffee Bean.
She bought a mocha which took so long to come and I bought a super big Choco Chip Walnut cookie which cost $2!!!
And we WALKED back to her condo tt side.
Missed 176 while walking...
2nd bad luck for the day!
Stephanie sounded pretty different on the phone tt i could not even recognise!
Her hair tye till so high i thought she had shorrt haiir!
Anyway, today in sch was ok...
Class party was pretty fun!
However, the bee hoon was a wee bit salty!!
Didn't finish it & threw it all away!
Miie & becky kept eating depression chips!
Cause we r depressed =))
We stuffed ourselves silly!
Ate about 3 plates of chips!
Silly, I know....
Plus we had to watch the stupid Kinball!
I gortt s0hh dizzy just watching the great pink ball getting tossed around!

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