Monday, November 13

Couldn't get a chance to play the com yesterday, what if going out & everything!
Anyway, my whole family went to some 41st anniversary of something i can't remember!
It's in one restaurant in Singapore Expo.
The name?
I can't remember.
We had to walk down one very quiet hallway from like the hall 7 or something down to the foyer 1!
Which was very long.
The ppl there were dressed real formal unlike me.
I was just wearing street clothes & nothing formal at all.
Eww. Who likes wearing so formal when u can wear real comfy clothes!
Anyway, there were some ppl performing & u noe what they were doing with the who-knows-what musical instrument?
They were picking at the darn thing!
Wouldn't like to see their fingers!
Bet it's all rough skin and blisters!
Th food was alrite, especially the orange juice!
But the stupid waitress poured in the ice too, so it looked real ugly.
So i took out the ice with my spoon =p
They had some disgusting food too.
It's so disgusting till i can't bear to say its name!
Anyway, reached home round 11!
Thought it'd never happen! Share

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