Saturday, November 11

Isn't this box so totally kawaii neh?
Couldn't bear to keep stuff in it so much so that it rusts & gets dirty!
But it will anyway.
Got it ages ago from Japan! And the chocolate in it is so oishii!
Still got the last one in the fridge!
Can't bear to eat it too!
Sounds stupid huh?

Anyway, gonna leave for China next Thursday!
Or is it Wednesday??
Anyway, the downside?
It's somewhere in those scenery view, kampong places China!
How boring can tat be??
No theme parks whatsoever (i think)!
Also, it's a morning flight! I won't even get to use those Internet area to blog or anything!
& do they even open in the early morning?
HATE morning flights!
Plus it's a whole week there ( i think)!
But we'd at least live in the hotels!
For a 2nd there, thought we'd live in the kampongs!
Hate mosquitos! Share

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