Friday, November 24

Hurrah! Finally back from China! The plane ride back to S'pore was so darn tiring yesterday. Only landed at 12 midnight & reached home round 1! Slept at 3 & still having some jet lag! If there's 1 thing i learnt, it's nvr to go back to China! U can just imagine how dirty the public loos are! Anyway, gonna slowly post on each day's events while i was there... & add pics i took on my cam!

[day 1] 16 nov, 11.20 am, In the airplane!
The poor always have to deal with such silly situations & HRH still dares to call me a Hilton! Besides, i think they're snobby ppl, though Paris is okay.
We took a Maxi cab to the airport & it was my 1st in those sort! Kinda cool.
There was big sp for baggage & there were 3 seats facing another 3 seats.
Once we reached dere & had our breakfast, my cousin, bro & 1 found some time to hurry to the Free Internet area.
But as usual, all ruined cause we were called early to board the plane when they just bought more stuff. Where's the justice in tis world?
We stopped off at a shop called 'Sweet Treats' & i bought opera mints with choco in 'em! Colors were cream too! Seriously delish! They sold many X'mas chocs there too.

My cousin, bro & i took the 3 seater for some stupid Xiamen Airlines. The BAD
things about tis airplane?

  • no personal TV. Instead, they're more of those TVMobile ya c in SBS buses! Anyway, they showed China movies or sth! Bo-ring!
  • Food? Awful. The drinks part was okay. They had cola & 7-up =)
  • Cramped sp. But tat's 2 be expected 4 poor ppl...
  • So many ppl were queueing for the lavatory! (it's no food lab!)

I'd went to the B class lavatory but the bad thing was it was equally small inside & when i went in, the whole plane was shaking cause there was some turbulence thingy! Dead scary!

Anyway, gonna leave it here 4 the moment! 2 tired to blog anymore... Zzz.


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