Monday, November 27

Gonna post on our trip again...
If there's 1 thing about public signs in China (no offence!), their English sucks!
Some examples?
"Don't nearness the water."
"Please keep cleaning the toilet." when it's supposed to be: Fireworks at the concert!
"Please keep the toilet clean."
How daft is that?
I nearly laughed out loud to myself when i read those signs!

[Day 2 & 3]
The roads dere were super bumpy! I even knocked my head against the window at times when tat happened!

  • We went to some temple! It would have been ok if it wasn't so fly-infested! Even the dogs on the loose there were seriously covered in fleas!
  • Public toilets we went to at 1st were digusting. but still considered clean. Ughh!
  • We went to some toy exhibition. tis was at least better! There was air conditionin' & it was clean. Seriously lovin' some of the toys there. They had everything from Halloween props to costumes, dolls to toy model cars and all. There was 1 tat was especially cute (though childish), it was a plastic toy baby lyk those u can cradle in ur arms & feed it with milk & stuff. But once u fed it, it'll instantly PEE! Real water... HeHex.
  • The scenery dere may be nice but all the food from restaurants can give me serious diarrhoea! We went to 1 restaurant conference thingy 7 they had all these LOUUD music! This so-called entertainment more than 80dB can drive us DEAF! I s'pose they tink it's alrite cuz there were many old ppl here!
  • The french fries at breakfast were salty! Eat less than a thousand & u'll get some obesity disease n less than a fortnite.
  • Went to some outdoor concert & many ppl out dere were lookiing at us lykk we were VIPs (Very Idiotic Ppl)!

Okay,seriously too lazy to blog any longer! Ciao!


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