Tuesday, November 28

Yawn....!So freakin' tired here.
Woke up around 6.25 am JUST to say a bon voyage to Becky.
So not fair.
She could only wake up at 8 plus when i left & here, i had to wake up 2 hours earlier than her.
But still, i got my turn on the com early!
Ok, gonna post on our 4th day in China (this is getting more boring than i thought)!

[Day 4]
We went to some village around our descendants' houses.
The place is too hell to actually describe it, so think i'll skip.
All the animals were actually out on the loose!
Chickens, ducks, geese and dogs, everything!
Though i found some of the dogs there kinda cute...
We went 4 lunch at whoever's and whatever's house.
The food was ok, esp, the clams!
Kept asking 4 more till they ran out...
& they had tis made-of-carrot sorta-like-tower deco!
It looked nice.
Then, there was this long (nt really), narrow ladder leading up to some door which leads up to some higher-than-the-balcony place.
Kinda plain when i went uo dere.
Ok, the rest's too boring to tell. So ciao! Share

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