Thursday, November 30

Went to Plaza Sing yesterday wif my cousin!
It was kinda fun but time flew real fast!
Actually,i was intending to stay out late due to the fact my mum didn't want to repair my phone sice it costed much!
But in the end, i returned home anyhow round 7.
It was my stupid father who slammed down my phone on the floor & my cousin told me to not talk to him 4 a few days...
But no way would i do tat.
I might as well die as to have anything to do with him again!
Got so freaked out when my phone got spoiled!
& nw i gotta use my stupid old phone!
Anyway, we met in the afternoon & watched Happy Feet at 2!
We got a free plushie & bought popcorn and gummi bears, snacks & coke! But we couldn't finish 'em in the end.
L8er, we went to some restaurant called Pastamania!
The pasta dere was seriously delish!
We got marinara pasta & vanilla coke & shared it since it was so ex!
Went shopping l8er.
My cousin got some pair hp accessory for $11.90! How ex is tat?
But the sales lady said tat won't ever rust or turn yellowish!
I bought just a set of 2 bookmarks from Precious Thots!
kinda cheap but still cute!
Anyway, that's all! Ciao! Share

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