Wednesday, November 8

That's a scene of
that Halloween doll i created!

Sure the background and additional stuff are there but not the doll!
How daft!
Anyway since i've nothing to do, i'll just continue with the question thing again!

Favourite hobbies? Surfing the net, collectig stamps, watching TV, junk food!
Any humiliating moments recently? Totally, maybe more will just come on Thursday! =.="
Hilary or Lindsay Lohan? Hilary Duff! Though she's now getting more into apparel & stuff. Bo-ring!
Your favourite bands? Green Day,Simple Plan, Panic! at the Disco
Name one thing you'd like to do most now Get out of Singapore!
Favourite holiday of the year? The Oct-Dec holidays of course!
One name you'd like to adopt? Rochelle! It sounds stupid but it's pretty nice!
Your favourite songs? Songs by Hannah Montana, Breaking Free from HSM, A Little too Late by JoJo, Click 5 songs (can't remember 'em), songs from JMac & so many mre i can't name them all!
A pet you'd never keep in your entire life? A snake!
Any lucky charm? A new voodoo doll i bought! Those fake ones you hear!

Okay gotta go! Ciao! Share

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