Thursday, November 2

What a pity i couldn't blog yesterday & the 2 days before yesterday.
It was so boring at home i watched all my tapes and movies a hundred times!
Anyway, Halloween was real fun for me...
i got to eat pizza (mmm-yum!) & since i was pretty much bored to DEATH, i went to find this blck witches' cloak i had ages ago & wore it with this black cap in substitution for a top hat,which i don't have.
After that, i just wore some BLACK face paint like cat whiskers & walked around my house scaring whoever is in!
And boy, did i get some serious nagging from my grandma!
Anyway, i'm gonna start this self-question thing!'
They're all pretty random!

What's your fave day of the week? Saturday! Get to stay home all day & do WHATEVER I LIKE, no school, total freedom!
Lucky number? 8. Easily 8
Where would your dream holiday be? To California (esp the beaches!) & London!
Who shares your most humiliating day? My bestie in primary sch, Stephanie! What about? It's too embarrassing to tell!
Favourite movies so far? Aquamarine, Death Note (nvr watched it, but it sounds nice!), The Devil wears Prada, HSM! (is it a movie though?)
Any favourite snow sports? Snow-skiing! (can't wait to try it!),ice-skating
What do you do if you did something real embarrassing in public? Laugh it off with a friend!
What happens of there's no one beside you then? Glare at anyone who's looking or ... RUN AWAY!
The people on your top 5 list? Rina,Becky,Steph,Katie,my stuffed toy; Madrid
Zack or Cody in the Suite Life? Both! They're so funny!
A beagle or westie? A westie! can't deal with a beagle, it being so adventurous & its love to hunt!
Do you prefer black or pink? Black! So mysterious!
Favourite computer game of all time? Maple Story (getting sick of it though...)
Cookies at Famous Amos or home-made ones? Famous Amos! who knows if the home-made ones are burnt & then covered with some choc chips? & what happens if they are POISONED?
Top 5 fave animals? Puppies,Black kittens,Dolphins,Rabbits,Horses
Any fears up to date? Yep,totally. Insects,heights,ventriloquists,worms, creepy-crawlies! Oh & snakes! Sha-zam!
Favourite languages you'd like to learn? Spanish,French,German
Do you prefer a Persian cat or Ragdoll? A Ragdoll! Persians can be creepy with their eyes!

To be continued...


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