Sunday, December 3

Jenny Velvet

Yesterday was pretty fun...
After my bro got his books from school too, we took a bus to vivocity!
Anyway, the place was pretty huge & since it was our 1st time there, we got lost along the way =p
Ate Long John Silvers for lunch and walked around the Sky Park.
Tat place was nice.
The breeze, and there was shallow water where u can wade around.
We went to Candy Empire.
Not entirely candy of course, there were some biscuits on sale.
We bought WONKA sweets and there was this Jelly Bean Factory assortment.
There were many flavours!
buttered popcorn,liqourice,bubblegum,strawberry cheesecake...
after awhile, we went to this build-a-bear place!
it was the perk of the whole place.
We had to choose from many empty stuffed toys.
Then fill it with cotton.
& the stupidest thing of all?
I had to pick this small red heart & wish on it.
After that, i had to kiss it!
How dumb! I didn't of course, i just faked doing it.
We then chose over hundred clothes for my bear!
I chose pink ones since the others were rather kiddy.
They had formal costumes, casual, even denim!
They even had some other stuff like music players, cellphones & relax chairs!
One that was rather nice was a stuffed dog on display had shoes on with rollers & a leash on it!
We saw one woman pretending to walk it!
& l8er a boy buying something lyk tat!
Anyway, i named my bear Jenny Velvet!
Stupid name, I know.
But i love the shoes! They're from Sketchers.
Pic of 'em above though rather blur!
& of course my finished bear!
Anyway, one other funny thing that happened was after i stood up from some spiral chair, my bag got stuck.
Then, the other staff tried to find ways taking it out!
Finally, one woman who served us succeeded & was so happy when it did come out.
How humiliating... Share

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