Wednesday, December 6

Out and About

Just came back from Jurong after going out with Becky Hilton!
We met round 11, though both were rather late!
Ms Hilton came much later,but that's to be expected of distant relatives of the Hiltons!
I went down to the children's section while waiting for HRH.
& when she actually reached after 15 minutes of waiting, she hid from me while i was looking (pretending) at books.
She walked past me twice & i didn't know.
but at least she got her price.
librarians looked at her while she was laughing to herself =D
we both went to eat chocolate truffle at Cafe Galilee.
They thought we were sharing it & gave two spoons.
& they actually laughed at us! or rather me...
dunno why, maybe they're just bonkers.
anyway when we settled down on the top floor on a table, we found out we didn't bring our pencil cases!
How dumb.
So we walked all the way to POPULAR to buy pens.
Walked back to the library.
Luckily there were still spaces for us.
Anyway, after awhile we went to the nearby entertainment centre for lunch! Long John Silvers!
This woman who served me was so freakin' mad!
i told her my order & she shouted my order so suddenly!
she sounded fierce & i nearly jumped!
her name's michelle!
After that , we couldn't bother with our homework again & walked for awhile.
No money for neoprints & we saw some girls from 2/8!
not fair that she got down at her bus stop earlier than mine.
I kept hoping the people sitting beside me won't fall asleep & make me lose my face in the bus =p Share

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