Friday, January 12

Camp Stink

I've never ever felt so relieved to come back home and come back to school!!!
So glad that camp is over...
it was a dreadful nightmare, the worst i ever had!
The campfire was in the stupid MPH, dirty and small, with no fire started...
What kinda campfire is that??
Of all the campfires i had, i seem to remember they have REAL fires in the centre!
The toilets were plain filthy & stinky, worser than Singapore public toilets!!
& on 2 occasions, we were supposed to clean them...
& on account of how it rained heavily every day, the mud just made things worse...
we slept in A-huts, better than tents which is on hard ground...
but still dirty and full of soil!
mosquito bites added too! ='(
The trainers were ok, though some were too vulgar or look too "gay".
Anyway, gonna stop here.
I'll NEVER EVER remember this horrid camp =D
huh?? since when did i go for a camp?? Share

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