Thursday, January 25

Bungalows and Assembly

I'm soo starting to hate school all over again!
Especially physics, POA (just a bit) and Math.
Math is getting harder & down goes my understanding of the subject.
Plus our recess times now are more crowded with people unlike sec 2...
Soo really glad camp's over...
& Becky is still raving on about it.
Anyway, gonna actually save up lots for once and earn myself some mags & one computer game i'm dying to get!
I only usually spend the notes & toss the coins! =D
Pretty much got my schedule after school sorted, especially the TV times and stuff =p
May go to a new bungalow on Saturday for my mum's friend's housewarming or something...
Think there's a pool and is 5-storeys high(or is 3?).
Hope there's buffet with yummi-licious food!
But people like me only get this sort of thing once in awhile, unlike some people who goes to parties & stuff in bigger bungalows almost frequently =)
Another thing is, this morning in assembly, certain people were just nagging and lecturing on all of us about certain stuff.
Not surprising.
Anyway, gotta go for some stinkin' borin' CCA! Wished I was home now!
But then, i wouldn't be able to blog ='(
Ciao! Share

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