Tuesday, January 30

Rebecca Rd

Purple font again for today!
& i'm so freaking out over the Physics common test which is less than half an hour later!
I'll most likely fail despite my "hard work" revising yesterday night!
& we're entering the month of February!
CNY especially, tho i'm not leaving the country like someone else!
Hope i get to keep last year & tis years hongbao money! At least a $150 dollars!
But guess that's not even enough to buy myself a laptop!
Anyone wanna give me a thousand more dollars? >_<
By the way, i went to a bungalow in a certain road (Rebecca Rd!) which is near our school & behind Coronation Plaza.
But very deep in!
The bungalow was super large, complete with a golf course like those u find in condos, a swimming pool as large as my study room (oO ) and billiard and those sorta-like pub scene you see in those drama serials.
& best of all? Cable tv!
They've like 8 plasma tvs around the house, a spiral staircase with orange gleaming lights at the edge and another totally fragile glass staircase!
How i envy them...
But then, i'll never live in this sorta places my whole life.
Sad but true...
Anyway, art will soon be over so ciao!


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