Wednesday, January 31

Anorexia Bites

So seriously boring doing the CME speech now!
Becky & I are doing funeral!
So totally can't wait for CNY (I know i keep harping on it but still...)!
I get to wear my new Mickey shoes which looks like one of those over a 100 dollars Elle shoes my relative on my father's side have and my new boots too =))
But unfortunately, we have stupid CNY celebrations, a certain "special" day and a test before that!
Becky asked who in Singapore would actually starve themselves & get anorexic...
Of course there would be people!
The fatties (no offence) of course!
Anyway, I dunno if I still feel sad for MKO!
She may be seeking publicity like Becky said & not that her eating coach had disappeared...
I mean why would her eating coach run away?
It's not like MKO threatened him/her or the eating coach poisoned her food (right?).
Abyway, the above pic is supposedly Mary-Kate (i think).
Now she just goes around wearing baggy clothes so she can hide her really skinny (not slim!) figure, with platform boots and sunnies (for who knows what)!
How do you seek real attention if you just go round looking like a duck? Share

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