Saturday, February 17

Fast Typin'

1st time i'm blogging this month =))
Got to type real fast or my mother will freak if she sees me playing this early (time: 6.30)...
Anyway, some people are just soo lucky. They go overseas tho i don't fancy those who have to wake up really early like my neighbours so to avoid jams at the stupid customs.
& they ask their friend to wake up early just to say goodbye... >_<
Gonna to a cemetery today (is it boring or what?) , then to my cousin's house for lunch & my gran's for dinner. zzz...
The upside would be i get to wear my new shoes =))
Gotta go!

P.S, This new version of the blog is lousy. Can't use collen or exclaimation marks... Least i can survive WITHOUT it =)) Share

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