Sunday, February 18

Money, Money

Didn't go to the cemetery in the morning yesterday! Thank goodness! I just hate the smell of rotten leaves and (ugh!) ashes!
Rather boring day for me too...
Ate 2 steamboat meals (zzz)
Becky got muy grape bubblegum too! =D
Got a rather cute pig keychain with voice too! It goes like "heh heh heh. i love you!) Lame but cute...
My uncle gave me 2 computer games too =D Water Margin and something else!
Taking rather long to load tho...
Hurrah! Gonna wear my new Disney shoes tomorrow...
My mother gave us a red packet of 50 bucks each!!
Cool! We get to keep 'em too, instead of chucking 'em in the stupid bank!
Hope i get much more $$ today!
Haven't exactly asked for donations for the stupid Cross Crountry fund raising! Share

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