Thursday, February 22

Talking Time

In the computer lab now, waiting for dumb CF to start!
I seriously hope time just fly by as it usually does so I can go home QUICKLY.

I can just imagine if time is actually a human, and I can speak to it...

Me: Hey time!
Time: Hey Issie!!!
Me: Uhm, could you go faster?
Time: Go faster? *confused*
Me: Yeah like, could you make time go faster? After all, you're Time!
Time: Of course! *grins*
And time did go faster...
5 minutes later,
Teacher i/c: Heh? It's time's up? Time sure did fly by!
Me: *smirks* Goodbye everyone! *runs out of the chapel and happily returns home*

See? Isn't it wonderful if Time is a human being?
Blechh! Life isn't as wonderful as it looks...
Anyway, it's gonna be 3.15 soon so i'd have to trudge off to the chapel and die!
Oh man... Math retest is tomorrow too! I'm pretty sure I'm gonna fail it. AGAIN!
Least I did better for History pop quiz! It was so embarrassing when I thought she actually counted by marks instead of ticks! ='( Share

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