Wednesday, March 7

School Blues

Today was pretty okay...
Thank god there wasn't any house cheers or whatever. They're seriously WASTING our time!!

During contact time, Mrs Tey started changing our seats cos 'teachers have been complaining'. Was sorta surprised she didn't change Becky & my seats. Anyway, she then read out those who PASSED Combined Humanities which of course, my name wasn't there...

Sure enough, I failed the History test by one mark!

Anyway, Sports' Day is tomorro and I'm pretty sure I'll be SICK so hopefully, I don;t have to go for this year's event!
Besides, I'm just going there to CHEER for runners in my house and stay for the prize-giving...
I'd rather eat a rabbit. (Years later, edited: I take back what I said about rather eating a rabbit!)

But the UPSIDE of Sports' Day signifies no CCA for me & the March school holidays! Hurray!

But I still gotta come back to the school for some stupid seminar at the Chapel.

Hopefully, I get to go to Korea end of this year cos this IS the last year my family gets a discount for child prices (tho I swear I see my bro getting fatter than me!).

Then, perhaps I could see REAL snow for once and actually ski down nice white slopes (minus the bumping into a tree)...

Or else if I'm that UNFORTUNATE, I'll have to go to Taiwan & eat sausages instead (eww!).

I swear my Math mark is getting worser by the tests! I suppose I failed overall for it in the CA1! & it's only Elementary Math!!

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