Thursday, March 8

Weighing desires

Hurrah! At least I get to play the computer after the stupid Sports' Day!
Too bad just at the RIGHT time, Maple can't start up & i gotta wait till they've done the whole client patch thingy...!!

I sorta wished I didn't go for Sports' Day today!! Suddenly, I feel like I hate all school events!! Hmmm... I wonder why!!

My neighbour's so darn lucky! They leave for the airport now to Hong Kong, like right about now! Their mum just knocked on our door and went like, "We're going to the airport so we can leave for Hong Kong today. Collect our newspapers for us if you don't mind!"

And she pushed a big aluminium plate filled with fried noodles into my gran's arms. So that's precisely why I'm eating the COLD noodles while blogging! & I still have the damn info report to do that's like, due TOMORROW!

And I've only written my name and class on it...

Ohh! And the title too! =D
Big accomplishment I know... =]

But the upside for tomorrow is :
  • We get back our progress reports!! (perhaps then I'll find out how many subjects I ACTUALLY failed...)
  • Last day of the school term! Yeah! =D
  • No Meet-the-Parents session thanks to Mrs Tey's whatever-i-so-don't-care course (POSTPONED to another Monday tho...)
  • It's Friday (duh!)
What a bummer though...
I still gotta RETURN to school during the holidays!! What are holidays for if we still HAVE to go back to school? What a freakin' nightmare!
Am I sleeping?
*Pinchy pinchy!*
... ... ... ...
... ... ... ...
... ... ... ...
Umm, slow reaction much??
... ... ... ...
Oh sorry...!! I was daydreaming... So where were we...??
... ... ... ...
Ohh! Okay!



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