Friday, March 9

Final Day before the Christmas Holidays

Hurray!! Today is the last day of the school term! =D
Pretty boring day as usual but at least my spirits are HIGHER...

Know why?

Cos it's the last day before the holidays!
I think our class was the only one who didn't actually have Meet-The-Parents sessions today, thanks to Mrs Tey...
But i totally don't mind either =)

Got back our Progress Reports in the morning during the Art/F & N period!
Found I REALLY failed 2 subjects, like what SOMEONE predicted.
And guess what subjects they were?

Yep. Math (& i mean E Math) and Combined Hums!


At least i did UNEXPECTEDLY well for Chinese =D

... ...


Why can't MAPLE still download??

I'm suffering from lack of Maple!!! Share

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