Tuesday, March 13

Spoken like a true BEGGAR

Had to wake up at 7 this morning just to go for POA remedial even if we didn't do badly for it...
Tell me, does justice still exist in this world??
It was in 3/9 classroom and one of the tables which i was seated at?
It totally rot of scratches and vandalism!
There were like many doodlings on it? Oh, and disgusting lines and stuff...

That's 1 of the MANY reasons I hate Singapore!
The only upside is they don't have ACTUAL earthquakes here...

Anyway, Singaporeans (especially a certain a mag company which i won't mention) think they are so great they can actually MEET up with Hollywood stars...
And they sorta act snooty about it!

So after POA remedial, where I was just reading mags and daydreaming at the back, Becky & I set off to find a place to EAT.
I was starving bad and we were still deciding where to eat...

In the end?
We walked to 7-11 and bought the cup noodles there & we actually stood & ate outside along the corridors.
Spoken like a true BEGGAR.
Anyway, I gotta do some SIMming so CIAO! Share

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