Saturday, March 24

"Nice Doggy!"

Your famous last words will be:

"Nice doggy!"

(copied this off since they did not allow HTML on posts!)

Today was like, a busy day!

The mini toilet with the water tap burst and water was like flooding out of the room!
My bro and mum were like, stuck in the toilet.
There were totally drenched of course.
My bro even had to wear his swimming goggles to see cos he was trying to block the water.
The water was damn strong i tell you.
My mum had to go out and shut the main water pipes to my house.
Wonder how she knows which one it was...
So then when the whole thing ended, both my mum and bro were soaking wet from head to toe!

And what about me you may ask?
I was just playing computer games!
Though i helped a bit like helping my bro to fetch his goggles. =D
I'm a saint.
So i didn't get wet of course.

I played a bit of Maple in the noon before i went to West Mall to watch Mr Bean with my mum & bro!
There were like so many people at the cinema and it was round 3!
We took the 5.40 time slot to watch Mr Bean's Holiday!
After that, we ate lunch at Swensens...

No need to go into detail about what i actually ate ('_' )"
It will just make tis post more boring than it already is...
I bought Popstar magazine at Popular (with my own $$ sadly).

My mum also bought me a purple sling bag from Yellow!
It was pretty nice!
Wonder where it is now.
Haven't seen it since i got home!

The movie was damn funny!
It had such a nice plot!
Especially when Mr Bean left his suitcase on the train and left his passport & $$ on the telephone booth! Share

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