Wednesday, March 28

Zoos and Art

Today was quite a long day, but tolerable!

Becky said that a 'certain teacher' would be in a BAAD mood today but she was wrong...

Was supposed to go to the Night Safari on Saturday but thanks to INCONVENIENCE, my mother asked my aunt & uncle to bring us there this weekend.
Definitely cannot wait!
I can't wait to try out Ben & Jerry's ice cream, including Cherry Garcia and Chocolate Chip Dough =D
Taken the tram round MANY times, but it's pretty creepy to walk all ALONE with no other stangers 'round you!
What if a leopard which escaped from its 'house' and gobbled all of us up?
That'll be the first in Singaporean history...

Anyway, gotta do the Billboards thingy for Art now!
Seriously, I wonder what GOOD it'd do for us in the future (except those who aspire to create billboards of their own...)?? Share

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